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Creative designs is an Animation and VFx based company. It is established in 2008 by a talented and experienced designer, Vinodh Kalyampudi. Creative Designs offers a variety of digital services like Web Designing, Digital Marketing, 2D & 3D animation, Explainer Videos and Visual Effects. We are a dedicated group of individuals who strive to provide maximum satisfaction. The company surpasses the client’s expectation in the quality of the project. We have got a vast number of professionals who gives our hundred per cent efforts while undertaking a project. Please have a look at our previous works.

Services that the Creative Designs provide

The website is well planned and beautifully brought up, which promotes user-friendliness. As an individual scroll down, you can see all services below. Each module describes all the services which we provide in detail. If you want to see all services in each module you can click here, it provides details regarding the services we provide.

Without further ado, let’s explore these topics in detail.

Web Designing

Web Designing and Development

Web designing is the first of the many services that we provide. Web designing is the technique of creating a webpage, which displays information about that particular company in detail. It is less expensive than print media, radio or television advertisement. As well as the reach would be more when comparing to other advertising media.

We aim to design every website as a premium website. So, it can attract viewers in large numbers. We do website re-designing inculcates trending ideas and visuals. This makes the website attractive and beautiful. As a result, web traffic rises and gains popularity. Our experts use ideas and suggestions from a wide range of sources. This lets come up with the best web design for your company. While designing a website, we follow SEO standards. So that website would be SEO compatible. If the client wants a dedicated SEO option, we do offer.

We review all the content and technical fallacies of your website. The significant amount of research helps us to come up with suitable keywords. Such keywords lead to the best possible ranking in search engines. Social media and other platforms are utilized in the best possible way to promote your business.

Please know more about SEO details and pricing.

3D Animation

3D Animation

3D Animation is a primary service which we offer. In the world of digitization, animation has taken centre stage. Our employees are well trained and set up your every 3D Animation work in the best possible way. All of our designs and animation works are unique and follows the latest trends.

Creative Designs has plenty of experience in 3D Animation works. We have done 3D Animated videos for many companies like Vizag Steel Plant, GAIL, HPCL, Coromandel, East Cost Railways, Visakhapatnam Port Trust extra.

3D Animation is further divided into 3D Architecture, product animation and character animation. 3D Architecture is also categorized into four major parts:

  • Mechanical Animation
  • Product Animation
  • Exterior design - We design a 360-degree view of the project, ensuring exact features and techniques with photorealism. Our state of the art technology allows us to pick our external features. Materials and product landscaping are also used to customize and elevate the design.
  • Walk Through
  • Interior virtual tour.
  • 3D floor views.

Product animation is further divided into subgroups. They were namely producing designs, product animations, machinery designs. Machinery animations and logo animations are also created. Character animation is further divided into two broad categories, namely character designs and character animations.

Explainer Video

Explainer Videos

Inside this tab, you will be getting simple video presentations which would be in 1-2 minutes 2D or 3D Animation Video and easy to understand the concept. The explainer videotab will help you understand the concepts of a particular project. It is a simple yet effective form to provide instructions. According to a new recommendation, these videos are proving to be a success story in each and industry alike. The exciting manner of this format has proven to be efficient in training. Our experts use a cocktail of a simple animation, texts and sound to portray a topic effectively.

Visual Effects

Visual effects is a crucial tool used all over the world in the 21st century. It is widely used in all forms of media, from marketing to show business. The VFx service at creative designs is famous in the digital industry. Our in-depth understanding of consumer psychology helps us come up with the best visual effects.

Our employees are strong enough in every tool relevant to VFx. We do various visual effects such as Green & Blue Screen removal, motion tracking, Rotoscoping, VFx Paint, Stereo and many more. We can easily handle significant concepts like wire removal, color correction, clean plate generation & mesh warping for Movies and Short Films The Paint is one of the most influential visual effects to make your shot a unique one. The color correction of the video makes it more attractive. The color correction helps you to get highlighted among the present trending videos. It is much needed to create a stunning video to draw more views. As a result, it can boost the growth of the video.

Match moves is a very crucial technique for VFx artist. Without match moving, there would not be any way into live-action footage. With the advancements in software, match moves have become a faster technique to accomplish.

Visual Effects

Besides this, our website contains seven other tabs at the top. The tabs are Home, Services, Clients, Portfolios, Blog, Career and Contact us. The Home tab will take you to the home page where the company is defined quickly. This tab allows the customers to understand what we do and what we are clearly and efficiently.

The service tab lets you choose among the services you want to use from our company. The client's tab shows the reputed companies who have utilized our services like Web designing, Digital Marketing, Animation and Visual Effects, and they were totally satisfied.

The portfolio tab consists of videos made to explain key concepts. The blog tab contains various articles. The career tab lets you update the latest job vacancies. The contact tab displays our branches and address, phone numbers and email address etc.,

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